About Us

History of Foxwood lofts UK in 1999 Foxwood lofts UK started from 22 ft. by 9 ft.

Started from 22 ft by 9 ft a garden stud lofts west of york at that time we had the very best of jos soontjiens and staff van rests which when bred together bred instant success for the first few years but it was time for foxwoodlofts uk to drive forward and make an important name in the uk as a first class breeding lofts.
Then in 2001 we researched the super sprint lofts of frans van meldert of ransberg at this time he was SPRINT KING of all the area and also great friends with the greats like LATE PROS ROOSEN – JEF VAN SWEEFELT – and many others the results and the quality of the racers and the super breeders was world class and straight away we purchased only all the racing and breeding champions i.e. 1 super cock belg 93 923 champion witten 14 x 1st and 5 x ends and many other sprint prizes when this cock was purchased by foxwoodlofts uk this cock was a breeding marvel at foxwoodlofts uk he was sire and g/sire to over 300 x 1st and 50 x 1st federation winners and was g/sire to miss foxwood super breeding for the super sprint lofts of G&P LINDELAUF OF the netherlands in frans van melderts champions was the direct super blood of lindelauf s wonderboy – superman – vooruit – and many more on this basis we arrangened a visit to G&P.

So Foxwoodlofts uk went to the next breeding level in 2009 in visiting MICHEL&LINDA BAERTSOEN there results and and racing and breeding champions was second to none and there condition and quality was breathtaking we seen all the champions i.e. CIPPOLLINI РZONKA РSHUMI 2 РBLACK MAGIC РKAPETIEN РMAJOOR РTOMMEKKE РFRODO РMISS UNICUM РSUPER BLAUWE VECTHER РSLYVESTER JUNIOR РHET MELUNKIE РWITPEN WOUTERS son of de lueew of marcel wouters РVALE DALTON РLADY GLADIATOR РDONKERE WILJKE all direct geerinckx of wommelgem most of these super breeders and racers are now at Foxwoodlofts uk where quality is priority the baertsoen family won from the word go.  Amounting to 151 x 1st and 22 x 1st federation winners and 2 x 1st open winners 6,109 pigeons and classic and national positions there certainly making a fast name in the uk we then in conversation to michel how did you acquire the direct geerinckx breeders from wommelgem his reply was the baertsoen are best of the frenids with luc geerinckx and family and then it clicked straight away foxwoodlofts uk had to purchase there very best also.

Michel baertsoen in the summer 2010 made arrangements for foxwoodlofts uk to visit the world famous pigeons and lofts of LUC – BART – JURGEN – OF WOMMELGEM the very source of oude blood soontjiens and many more super international winning blood.

First of all I would like to thanks michel and linda baertsoen for all the help of foxwoodlofts uk to acquire geerinckx top in the world and secondly LUC GEERINCKX of wommelgem was the best pigeon man i have eve been in the presence of in 1 word very calm always listened and assisted anyone for his help and also friendship in 2012 luc geerinckx losses his fight and died 25th febuary and sent a shockwave around the pigeon world and for a lot years to come will be sadly missed worldwide.



Foxwoodlofts UK in 2010 visited Luc and Bart Geerinckx Wonnelgem. On that day, we visited with the intention to purchase only the very best and as a result, managed to obtain the very best and as they say, the rest is history.

We obtain only the very worlds best from the super national winning lofts of wommelgem i.e. HET NATIONAL WILLY COCK – KING GLADIATOR – WITPEN STEVENNICK COCK – KING SLYVESTER – DE ELF PENDER – MISS BLAUWE SOUILAC – BONTE WITNEY – AND MISS WHITE AND MISS BLACK – AND LADY PROS – BLAUWE RED RING HEN – AND ALSO QUEEN WITTEKOP – WITPEN GLADIATOR – AND DE LEBO plus many others and our word to luc and his family we would make the best geerinckx family in the uk and straight away 36 x 1st 22 x 2nds 5 x 1st provo and 7 x ends provo and 4th and 5th open nehu lillers 321 miles. this is why our quality is priority to uk and internationally.

The breeding stud consists of 9 breeding sections with 16 nest boxes and are all on grid floors only the best sons and dtrs of all the champions are allowed to breed in these sections they get 3 years to produce for our racing kits supplied every year they have to produce to earn there place!!! and also we have 29 individual breeding pens for the champion breeders to protect the parentage and to offer our customers there own pairings also we have normal aiavays and holding lofts were pigeons have time to mature and select only the finest bloodlines to the fancy every year

We hope enjoy the about us page this page gives the fancy that we pride our selves on quality as priority as standard many thanks.