Luc and Bart Jurgen Geerinckx of Wommelglem


EXCLUSIVLEY EUROPES NO1 racing geerinckx cock joins Foxwood lofts Uk
For many years the geerinckx colony have bred many super stars in Belgium and Holland and also Germany and great Britain Foxwood lofts in 2010 we were in conversation with Michel and Linda baertsoen top maestro lofts in Belgium and Michel says I am very good friends with luc geerinckx.

I also have 4 base pigeons on my lofts at this very time DE VALE DALTON super breeding son GEERINCKX 009 top breeder in wommelgem and two golden breeding hens DONKERE WILJKE class breeding dtr of geerinckx super couple and LADY GALDIATOR supreme breeding dtr of the world famous GLADIATOR 03 and two SUPERB breeding sons of the famous WITTEKOPP SLYVESTER 02 a breeding legend in geerinckx breeding lofts.

Our first visit was arranged by Michel baertsoen to see the FAMOUS geerinckx pigeons in
wommelgem the quality and condition was supreme and no1 as always the first pigeon we handled was the no1 breeding cock BE 02 6354241 WITTEKOPP SLYVESTER a breeding super star on a world stage he has bred well over 25 x 1st provincial winners for the geerinckx family alone here are only few top racers and breeders i.e. SUPER WILLY ,WIT WILIJKE, MISS LIMOUGES 2ND NATIONAL limouges 17,498 pigeons.

WILLOW, ARGENTO 2ND NATIONAL ARGENTON 5,208 pigeons MISS LE MANS, ALSO BLACK & WHITE HEN, and LATE WITTE WILLY BE 05 6054295 and is the grandsire to gaston van der wouer of berlar 1ST NATIONAL BOURGERS BE 09 6111538 LAURA 17,138 pigeons 1st astest of 39,614 pigeons super star racing and breeding geerinckx blood.

The next pigeon we were talking about was the formidable pigeon BE 03 6460062 champion gladiator top racer and breeder for the geerinckx family of wommelgem when we first seen this super cock he was fighting the hand of luc geerinckx through the trap this pigeon had everything luc passed us this great champ in the hand he was like USAIN BOLT he comes from the very source of JOS SOONTJIENS of wommelgem of all the great champions that very knows worldwide for so many national winning families around the globe.

Here some of the top direct children from this WORLD FAMOUS SUPERSTAR i.e. BEST SON,KING GLADIATOR,BE 05 6052111 WITTEKOP GLADIATOR is the sire to BE 07 6229156 HET NATIONAL 1ST 11,869 PIGEONS IN 2009,also MISS BLOIS, JONGE GLADIATOR, BLAUWE KANNIBAALTJIE,DE SUPER GLAMMOUR and many more.

LUC also said there was another breeding sensation on his lofts that was BE 96 6618311 BLAUWE IJZEREN 96 all golden breeding lines of the jos soontjiens this cock is the sire to BE 09 6326192 DE LUC 1ST NATIONAL ARGENTON 12,446 PIGEONS AND is a full brother to CHAMPION IRON LADY and BLOODPEN AND MANY OTHERS from this super geerinckx breeding cock.

After seeing all the super lines of the oude blood of flor van locke and alfons slats and 2
super breeding hens from MARCEL WOUTERS OF DE LEEUW 03 of westemalle the decision for Foxwood lofts UK to obtain only the very best of the geerinckx family for the uk and for next 10 years Foxwood lofts UK was made.

We obtained the following top breeding sons and dtrs of all geerinckx very best at wommelgem Foxwood lofts UK owns the following BE 10 6213109 KING GLADAITOR top breeding son GLADIATOR X 062 HEN direct dtr of BE 95 6278062 GESH 062 sire to LITTLE BOY, BE 10 6213114 HET NATIONAL WILLY COCK rare and top breeding son of NATIONAL LIMGOUES X DONKER WILLY top breeding dtr of wittekop slyvester x wilikje.

BE 10 6143291 BLAUWE SLYVESTER top breeding son WITTEKOP SLYVESTER x XENA world class race hen 2nd national 5,034 pigeons argenton and dtr of BE 05 6118235 WITPEN WOUTERS

No1 uk home National results add 1st & 2nd nat argenton old birds 16,363 pigeons 2013 List nipa results

Foxwoodlofts UK the no1 home of the luc&bart,jurgen Geerinckx of wommelglem in the uk

Foxwoodlofts UK would like to state to the British fancy that all our direct Geerinckx champion breeders were bought direct from the stock lofts

And were handpicked by the master himself luc Geerinckx of wommelglem in 2010.

Take a look at the outstanding results with the Geerinckx family in the last 4 years racing at the highest level of national racing in our sport

1st national argenton 12,447 pigeons champion luc
1st national limouges 11,814 pigeons champion het national
1st national 17,061 pigeons champion de laura
1st national bourgers 20,646 pigeons champion f 16
1st national la soutraine 3,562 pigeons
1st national limouges 6,138 pigeons derby
1st national Olympiad duif ponzon 2011
1st national Olympiad duif nitra 2013

Also Foxwoodlofts UKresults with the Geerinckx family have won 36 x 1st 21 x 2nd and 4 x 1st federation winners 2,242 pigeons and upwards and 7 x 2nd feds and 4th and 5th open nehu open lillers 321 miles in 9 weeks in 2012 alone.

In 2013 Foxwoodlofts UKis very proud to announce its racing element from our stud !!!

Mark Walton & Kevin morrow of the up north combine with combination of Foxwoodlofts UK this loft was asked last year in 2012 to start racing 30 direct sons and dtrs of all the respected champion s at Foxwoodlofts UK every year

In the first year in 2012 the results were amazing of the Geerinckx and Baertsoen families

Results as follows ; 1st club 2nd club / 4th 5th fed 2,571 pigeons , 3rd club 4th club / 4th 6th fed 2,017 pigeons , 1st club 4th club / 10th fed 1,510 pigeons, 2nd club / 14th fed 1,140 pigeons , 1st club 2nd club / 2nd fed 1,740 pigeons, 1st club / 1st fed 1,142 pigeons 49th u,n,c 15,000 pigeons week later 4th & 5th nehu open lillers 321 miles

All with direct sons and dtrs of Geerinckx and baertsoen family at Foxwoodlofts UKour goal as combination lofts to top the mighty up north combine year in year out many thanks to Mark walton and kevin morrow on there acheivments there ybs are ready for 2013 now !!!!!!

Super Blue Miracle 126  Geerinckx star have joined Foxwoodlofts UK top elite direct Geerinckx breeders ; king gladiator – national willy cock – witpen gladiator – queen wittekop – witpen bobby – miss black –

Miss white – blauwe benny witpen Steven Nick – fire eye – lebo – and many others at Foxwoodlofts UK.

Congratulations to Mark Walton and Kevin Morrow Foxwoodlofts combination lofts in the up north combine in 1 year outstanding results 7 x 1st 7 x 2nd 3 x 1st feds 3 x 2nd feds 4th&5th open nehu lillers also 49th unc 15,000p

And 1st club 2nd fed 2nd section 3rd unc yearling national 7,000 pigeons Eastbourne 2013 only flying 17 yearlings.

Take look below at the world class racers and breeders of Foxwoodlofts UKl -b-Geerinckx family if you are committed to winning in 2014 and beyond Geerinckx family is the choice from 70 to 420 miles.

Lofts visits welcome anytime phone for details and appointments

G&A Campbell of Armagh Northern Ireland here is there results and ref of there superstars .

121x1st 84x2nds 51x3rds – 25 x 1st federation winners 6x1st section winners 3x1st open NIPA winners also 2 x 1st INFC winners.

  • 1st open nipa 5,969p
  • 1st open nipa. 3,249p
  • 1st open INFC 3,229p
  • 2nd open nipa 11,897p
  • 2nd open nipa 11,987p
  • 3rd open nipa 2,488p
  • 4th open nipa 28,063p
  • 4th open nipa 17,067p
  • 5th open nipa 5,261p
  • 6th open nipa 2,411p
  • 7th open nipa 4,606p
  • 7th open nipa 30,350p
  • 8th open nipa 6,334p
  • 9th open nipa 4,399p
  • 9th open nipa 22,147p
  • 11th open nipa 15,941p
  • 11th open nipa 19,768p
  • 12th open nipa 13,754p
  • 13th open nipa 3,590p
  • 14th open nipa 26,474p
  • 14th open nipa 11,897p
  • 14th open nipa 13,754p
  • 16th open nipa 2,482p
  • 17th open nipa 5,261p
  • 19th open nipa 2,366p
  • 21st open nipa 11,404p
  • 21st open nipa 13,608p
  • 22nd open nipa 2,366p
  • 23rd open nipa 2,272p
  • 27th open nipa 26,627p
  • 28th open nipa 14,990p
  • 30th open nipa 14,998p
  • 30th open nipa 9,054p
  • 30th open nipa 1,337p
  • 30th open nipa 19,139p
  • 31st open nipa 3,420p
  • 31st open nipa 34,234p
  • 31st open nipa 6175p
  • 31st open nipa 19,496p
  • 32nd open nipa 16,200p
  • 33rd open nipa 3,893p
  • 35th open nipa 2,362p

Famous Blue Miracle 126 Geerrinckx
All these top class results are from there super luc and Bart and Juergen geerinckx family of wommelglem plus top jos soontjiens additions when needed.

GB 05A15037 champion evil eye 6 x 1st – 101st open nipa 2,275p – 42nd open nipa 28,063p – 27th open nipa 10,501p – 80th open nipa 14,998p plus a real super breeder sire g/sire to over 30 x 1st and 2 x 1st open nipa winners 5,969p – 3,249p top racer and breeder geerinckx

GB 07A16174 champion blauwe 74 – 14 x 1st – 12th open nipa 13,774p
56th open nipa 3,216p – 49th open nipa 2,411p – 84th open nipa 7,840p – 61st open nipa 3,423p – 2nd open nipa 11,987p – 14th open nipa 15,813p – 32nd open nipa 30,350p a real super racing and breeding geerinckx cock