Michel and Linda Baertsoen of Brasschaat


Michel and Linda baertsoen over a 10 year period have been at the very top of sprint to middle distance more HAVFOND over last 7 years winning many titles and winners and breeders in the lofts at braaschaat they 18 miles north of antwerp and as the fancy is aware the antwerp union is the elite in the national and provincal level also in there club flies against vercammen and son and marcel routers of westammalle and geerinckx family of wommelgem and many other top star lofts

Foxwoods Lofts UK came into contact in 2009 we found a hen of belg 05 6079766 champion linda a super breeder for henri and danny van avondts of haccht this super hen bred the champions million and super million in 2007 – 2008 1st and 2nd national ace middle distance pigeons of KBDB these 2 full brothers devasted the national racing in 2 years we asked were was linda from they replied FAMILY BAERTSOEN OF BRASSCHAAT and linda ia dtr of there famous Koppel champion be 00 6364742 cippollini winner of 9 x 1st super racer and breeder x champion be 04 6205201 zonka winner of 9 x 1st and a super racer and breeder for the baertsoen family and many other in belguim and netherlands and germany this pair now have bred the following direct sons and dtrs all top breeders and racers all proven!

Champion het laajtie for anti one bennoit nazerth this hen was a top breeding dtr of cippollini and bred the famous SEMI DYNASTY also KEES BOUSA used this blood in the netherlands with outstanding off spring !!! here are more direct children of the famous cippollini and zonka i.e. champion bluawe ace 2 x 1st ace pigeon of antwerp union 2006 – 2008 LD milos another super son and blauwe turbo now at

Foxwood Lofts uk also alina and biekke 2 x 1st prove winners in 3 weeks for baertsoen chippo boy and chippo girl and chippo junior are all top breeders at foxwoodlfts uk between these 3 direct children they have now 24 x 1st and 6 x 1st federation winners and national positions right across they uk also at foxwoodlofts uk we have peggy another super breeding dtr of cippollini x bobelinea foxwoodlofts uk has cippollini and the famous zonka hen in our top breeding programme.

The baertsoen family of pigeons stem from some of Belgium’s best lofts for years Michel & Linda baertsoen only purchased on the very best of van hove utteryhoven of putter also ludo and marcel van needs the lofts of the old hassendonckx x soontjiens also van langen Berg oude marcelis family and Andre roodhoft from 1995 best of their pigeons and top purchases of arein – vereckt tesslendro – peit veenstra- also top purchase of marcel routers of westamalle and best of friends with luc geerinckx family of wommelgem with all these super bases only strict selection of racing and breeding power has made the baertsoen lofts formidable racing and breeding lofts in Belgium. We are proud to announce that Foxwood lofts UK now owns all the following champion racers and breeders of the baertsoen family champion cippollini 9 x 1st sire g/sire to over 250 x 1st champion zonka 9 x 1st dam g/dam to 200 x 1st and many winners champion kapetian super breeder g/sire to 1st semi national 6,700p 2nd national 22,336p 2012 champion mooiki blauwe super breeder g/dam to 1st semi national 6,700p 2nd national 22,336p 2012 champion tommekke awesome racer and breeder 1st semi national 18,809p and sire g/sire to endless winners champion frodo a super racer but a golden breeder in Belgium and UK sire g/sire to over 20 x 1st and 6 x 1st federation winners 18th national argenton 2011

  • Champion breeding hen het boursgkse a fine breeding dtr of be 96 de leon champion blauwe super vector a top breeder in the UK sire and g/sire to 17 x1st and 1st open northern classic 2010 and 1st open 6,109 pigeons 2012.
  • Champion het melunkie top race hen and breeding hen in the baertsoen family.
  • Champion donkere million full brother to million and super million this cock in the now has bred endless winners 1st ace national winners in every generation.
  • Champion late million cock sire to 099 cock 2009 bred 7 x 1st and 2nd 3rd 4th 5th federation a great breeding son of the super million.
  • Champion racing and breeding hen de Francine a top breeding hen x tommekke 05.
  • Champion Miss unicum a 1st provo winner 2,235p and super breeder to 15 x 1st winners.
  • Champion black magic a diamond racer and breeder is the dam to champion zonka.
  • Champion shumi2 winner of 17 prizes in 1 year and is the sire to zonka there many other at Foxwoods lofts UK exclusively were quality becomes priority.

Foxwoodlofts uk are proud to anoucene the sensational sprint to heavy middle distance family M&L baertsoen of brasschaat raced now in the uk in the last 3 years here are the best results.

181 x 1st club 29 x 1st federation 1st semi national 18,661 pigeons 1st semi national 6,700 pigeons 1st open northern classic – 1st open 6,109 pigeons 2nd national argenton 22,336 pigeons 2012 – 2nd open northern classic – 2nd – 5th – 7th – 11th welsh SRD national 2011 – 2012.
1st & 2nd national ace middle distance KBDB 2007 – 2008 million & super million

Congratulations to murray and melrose to they new super star 11NP2611 BIG HEN 1st club 807p – 1st fed 1,504p – 1st club 508p – 1st fed 1,276p – 17th WDA 6,663p- 38th open 34,494p – 1st club 795p – 3rd fed 1,299p – 1st club 1st fed 615p – 1st club 300p – 1st fed 563p – 1st club 193p – 1st fed 391p – 2nd club 310p – 5th fed 618p – 2nd 233p – 4th fed 449p – 5th club 302p – 13th fed 480p – only 2 years old a g/dtr of chippo boy – het melunkie – matador – crack witpensjie super baertsoen.

Also the top partnership morrow and walton UNC and combination lofts foxwoodlofts uk we provide 30 direct children off the super racing and breeding champions every year of geerinckx – and baertsoen all with GB (a) in 1 year 7 x 1st 7 x 2nd 3 x 1st federation 3 x 2nds feds 4th&5th open nehu lillers also 49th UNC 15,000 pigeons and 1st club 2nd fed 2nd section 3rd UNC yearling national 7,316 pigeons also 1st club 10th federation lillers top flyers super results in 1 year.
gb 12a 06050 super blauwe 50 3 x 1st club 1st fed 1,142p – 1st fed 2,252p – 2nd fed 1,740p – one of the up and coming racing stars for mark walton and kevin morrow.
results are on a weekly basis of federation winners and top section and national results take a look below at the world class racers and breeders of the baertsoen family at foxwoodlofts uk winners from 70 mile to 436 miles including channel very fast and durable that win.